Equality works for everyone.
Let’s make it a reality in Cambridge.

We campaign against harmful gaps between rich & poor.

Our research shows the impact of wealth gaps in Cambridge:

• unaffordable housing

• rising hunger

• social care cuts bite

• 11 year health gap

We think Cambridge can do better.

We believe Cambridge can be a beacon of fairness.

Our city needs a radical blueprint for change.

Our Projects

What we're doing to challenge inequality and unfairness in Cambridge


Thought leaders share vision for a fairer Britain

Climate Commission

A roadmap to make Cambridge carbon neutral 

Our Events

Laurie Macfarlane & Toby Lloyd - Fair & Affordable Housing

Thursday  10 May 2018

Anglia Ruskin University – Lecture Theatre LAB002

Richard Murphy - Why Tax can Change Everything by 2027

Thursday 26 April 2018

Anglia Ruskin University – Lecture Theatre LAB002

Latest Video

Faiza Shaheen on class and social mobility

Latest News

The Equality Trust has launched  new National, Local and Individual Manifestos designed to help people across the UK take action to reduce inequality. 

For Monbiot, a ‘politics of belonging’ provides a new narrative to take over from neo-liberalism – at imagine2027.

The mysterious appearance of Latin graffiti on a new housing development is a sign that all is not well with Cambridge – in The Cambridge News.