Tackling Cambridge’s growing debt crisis

What can we learn from the people advising on debt, poverty & addiction?

We campaign against harmful gaps between rich & poor.

Our research shows the impact of wealth gaps in Cambridge:

• unaffordable housing

• rising hunger

• social care cuts bite

• 11 year health gap

We think Cambridge can do better.

We run events and organise community action

We produce research and insight to build awareness

Latest Video

Architecture, Health Inequalities and Healthy Place-Making in Cambridge with Charlie Stuart


Is Cambridge a broken city? Why housing is unaffordable for so many with Deborah Potts


Dr Steve Feast and Jo Lucas discuss health, inequality and Covid 19

Matt Edge Cambridge Acorn Project talks childhood trauma, inequality and therapy

G Davies says the #OxCamArc will create many problems and contribute to further over heating UK housing market and harm the environment. Not in line with #DoughnutEconomics .. for more on arc see https://cambridgeshirepeterborough-ca.gov.uk/what-we-deliver/business/oxcam-arc/

"It is going to be challenging but change that is gradual can succeed" - G Davies on the move towards principles of #DoughnutEconomics

"Don't focus on the things that you might take away but the good things that will come from a different society based on #DoughnutEconomics" - G Davies

"I love the principle of developing a thriving economy, which is not based on GDP growth and mass consumerism. I believe here in the UK, especially in places like #Cambridge, we have the brains and innovation to succeed." - attendee at tonight's talk on #DoughnutEconomics

"We need to move forward to a new type of society where the majority of value is not measured in GDP" - G Davies, likens society changing from child to adult state and recognises the importance of stewardship and more meaningful 'growth' #DoughnutEconomics

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