Local Plan: What future for Cambridge?

Add your voice to make the new normal green & fair.

We campaign against harmful gaps between rich & poor.

Our research shows the impact of wealth gaps in Cambridge:

• unaffordable housing

• rising hunger

• social care cuts bite

• 11 year health gap

We think Cambridge can do better.

We believe Cambridge can be a beacon of fairness.

Our city needs a radical blueprint for change.

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Local Plan

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New Normal

Promoting fairness post Covid 19 

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Our chair Tariq Sadiq calls for equality at heart of Greater Cambridge Local Plan at Corn Exchange debate  

Educational Inequalities and Covid-19 – Phoebe Campbell, Varsity

The closure of schools during the pandemic lockdown has had a massive impact on the educational outcomes of this generation of schoolchildren.  Those that were already disadvantaged found themselves hampered even further, not least by the digital divide that has been sharply highlighted by the demands of home-schooling. Phoebe Campbell, a second year Classics student

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After the Virus: Ensuring No Community and No-One Is Left Behind

What happens next after Covid-19?  Will there be a ‘new normal’?  How should local government change?  How can we harness the power of local mobilisation seen during the crisis? Here we reproduce an article published on www.globaldashboard.org by two leading Cambridge City Councillors, with the permission of one of the authors Cllr Anna Smith, which

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