Doughnut Economics – Why it Matters to Cambridge

What can we learn from the new economic model?

We campaign against harmful gaps between rich & poor.

Our research shows the impact of wealth gaps in Cambridge:

• unaffordable housing

• rising hunger

• social care cuts bite

• 11 year health gap

We think Cambridge can do better.

We run events and organise community action

We produce research and insight to build awareness

Latest Video


Hot food or shower: Invidious choices facing low income households impacted by energy & digital inequalities


Doughnut Economics and Why it Matters for Cambridge


Architecture, Health Inequalities and Healthy Place-Making in Cambridge with Charlie Stuart


Is Cambridge a broken city? Why housing is unaffordable for so many with Deborah Potts


Dr Steve Feast and Jo Lucas discuss health, inequality and Covid 19

Matt Edge Cambridge Acorn Project talks childhood trauma, inequality and therapy

"We are all the problem - look at the lack of diversity at this meeting" says Suzanne Goff from ccvs .. asks how we all embed equality, diversity and inclusion at every level in our own organisations #inequality cc @cambridgecvs

"Poverty Truth Commission in Chester was very powerful in raising awareness and changing attitudes in the public and voluntary sectors" - says Robert Porrer ..see #inequality

"The effects of #poverty have an impact long before children start school. Investment in the early years is vital" - says Nicola Wallis ..see #inequality

"Many companies simply don't know about #poverty and #inequality in the city. Should companies be asked to nominate one person to be their anti-poverty ambassador for Cambridge to try and drive engagement by the private sector?" asks director of @CamSciencePark Jeanette Walker

"Isn't one of the biggest issues in-work poverty, how do we address this and ensure that services such as social care and health can still be provided affordably?" - Sharon Allen #inequality

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