Help ensure every child can work at home

Cambridge 2030 launches campaign to close digital divide

We campaign against harmful gaps between rich & poor.

Our research shows the impact of wealth gaps in Cambridge:

• unaffordable housing

• rising hunger

• social care cuts bite

• 11 year health gap

We think Cambridge can do better.

We run events and organise community action

We produce research and insight to build awareness

Latest Video

Equality Trust Exec Director Wanda Wyporska on BBC Question Time


Dr Steve Feast and Jo Lucas discuss health, inequality and Covid 19

Matt Edge Cambridge Acorn Project talks childhood trauma, inequality and therapy

"There's a reason why a place is healthy - it's because people want to live there, and developers should want to make places as attractive as possible" - Charlie Stuart #architecture #placemaking #inequality #Cambridge

How do we make sure private developers heed lessons of good design for healthy communities? - great question in this meeting #architecture #placemaking #cambridge #inequality

"Architecture is about helping people live the best life that they can, so you need to engage with the users of the architecture" - Charlie Stuart #placemaking #architecture #cambridge #inequality

"Who are we prioritising when we're designing cities?" - Charlie Stuart. .. such a powerful point with respect to building health and wellbeing for all #placemaking #inequality #health #architecture #Cambridge

The divisions in Cambridge are visible in life expectancy gaps of over 10 years #placemaking #Cambridge #inequality #architecture cc @RobertTPollock

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