Month: January 2015

Let’s Take Back Our NHS

Mark Page, 2015 Jan 31 In a previous article, we looked at how the NHS was, in all but brand name, effectively de-nationalised by the British government in 2010: How the NHS was Sold Off. The NHS is an extraordinarily successful organisation. It is famous the world over as the poster-girl for nationalised public services …

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Survey: What Choice is Left?

Launched 2015 Jan 21 We would like to know more about the voting preference of our website readers for the General Election in May. Most of our readers are likely to vote in a progressive fashion but voting motives are complex and choosing your candidate seems more challenging than ever. [xyz-ips snippet=”tcc-polls-1″]

TCC Conference – Ruling Britannia: Magna Carta to Digital Democracy

Stuart Weir, 2015 Jan 19 We are combining with Unlock Democracy, the national organisation for democratic change, to hold a major conference in March on the state of democracy in Britain. We will publish the date and location as soon as they are confirmed. 800th anniversary celebrations of Magna Carta seem a self-congratulatory and complacent …

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How the NHS was sold off

Mark Page, 2015 Jan 17 The fundamental principles of the NHS, a health service for all free at the point of use and protected by government, have been cut off at the knees by legislation introduced by the current government. It is so complex (an order of magnitude larger than the original post-war NHS legislation) …

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Devolution, by ‘eck!

Mark Page, 2014 Aug 01 Underpants The Papua New Guineans are a fractious lot. A highlanders’ joke suggests there are three types of people: family, in-laws and targets. Another joke: when PNG gained its independence in 1975, an old fella from the village was bitterly disappointed to find out that, during the ensuing celebrations, he …

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