2020 Vision By Tariq Sadiq

Our new Chair, Tariq Sadiq, shares his vision for TCC over the next year, into 2020.

“I feel privileged to follow in the footsteps of outgoing Chair,  George Weyman, who with the Steering Committee has taken great steps to engage with the wider community and to develop exciting new Cambridge Commons initiatives, such as the new Art Inequality and Conversations project, which will be unveiled in January 2020.  Thank you George!

Cambridge has the unenviable reputation of being the most unequal city in the UK.  The gap between the richest and poorest is stark in income and in life expectancy with residents in Newnham living 10 years longer than people in King’s Hedges.   It seems like a daunting task to turn this around but I believe that we can reduce the gap if we harness the commitment, skills, and talents of the people of our city.

Building on the great work already done, I want to create a campaigning spine that runs through all our activities and complements the monthly meetups. I want to engage many more people in our network to achieve three main objectives:

  • To increase awareness that inequality harms everyone by launching the ‘Cambridge Campaign for Equality’
  • To equip people with key messages to challenge decision-makers and elected representatives
  • To campaign for all institutions and organisations to take action to narrow the gap.

We want to develop a Charter for Equality, which businesses and other organisations will be invited to sign up to, and a Manifesto for Equality directed at politicians.   We would like to develop an Equality Audit as a tool to help organisations take effective, practical steps to reduce inequality and to measure their progress.

We want to streamline our communications to get the message out that inequality harms everyone, rich and poor, and everyone needs to act.  So we need more people with skills in campaigning, research, social media, film-making, data visualisation and digital communications to help us make inequality the number one concern amongst Cambridge residents.  But most of all we need people with passion and commitment whatever their background.

Come to our meetups to find out more or get in touch through our website.

I don’t believe that we have to live with inequality – I believe that it’s unacceptable to live in a society where many of our fellow citizens have to choose between eating and heating, where kids go hungry to school and where people die early just because they live in the wrong postcode.   If you share our conviction, join us!”

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