Affordable housing in Cambridge – Surjit Dhande from Cambridge Housing Society

Join us for a meetup on affordable housing in Cambridge at Lower Hall behind Livingstone’s Cafe on Saturday 8 July, 11am.

Surjit Dhande from the Cambridge Housing Society will be discussing the current crisis in affordable housing and the role of the society in tackling it.

This is the last in this season of ‘Our Cambridge’ cafe-style discussion meetings. Each meeting comprises a 15 minute introduction from a local speaker with informal facilitated discussion to follow.

This is a chance to explore a key issue in our city with a local expert and get a clearer picture of the council’s plans.

This is a topic very close to my heart at the minute as many friends in my immediate neighbourhood have been given two months to leave their houses by a landlord looking to sell 26 properties.

Many are facing a desperate hunt for something affordable or relocation outside the city.

As always there will be coffee, informal discussion and connection. See you there!

Location: Lower Hall, behind Livingstone’s Cafe, St Andrews Baptist Church, 43 St Andrews Street, Cambridge.

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