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Cambridge: Wealth and Want, Fairness Review: May 2015

Stuart Weir, 2015 May 05 The Cambridge Commons has now published its Fairness Review 2015, ‘Cambridge: Wealth and Want‘ – a shocking dossier of poverty and deprivation in a ‘hidden’ Cambridge. You can buy a physical copy for £10 including postage; please contact us via the website or by ringing this telephone number: 07743 326422. This …

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After the Hustings: Legal Aid

Deborah Padfield, 2015 Apr 20 Access to law – stop the rot There will be fuller reports of last evening’s Progressive Hustings, at which the three Cambridge ‘left-of-centre’ candidates were questioned on issues of equality. Legal aid was one of them – that rarely-mentioned defining condition of democracy. The candidates All three candidates agreed that …

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Survey: What Choice is Left?

Launched 2015 Jan 21 We would like to know more about the voting preference of our website readers for the General Election in May. Most of our readers are likely to vote in a progressive fashion but voting motives are complex and choosing your candidate seems more challenging than ever. [xyz-ips snippet=”tcc-polls-1″]

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