Basic Income During Quarantine by John McCone

As part of our response to Covid-19 we asked for articles, blogposts and new research on helping us to understand the impact of Covid-19 on inequality and highlighted four specific themes that we would like to explore: universal basic income, climate change, mental health and food.

The first of our contributions is from John McCone who makes the case for Universal Basic Income in an article published here on his website.  We thank John for his contribution.

Universal Basic Income is receiving a great deal of attention in the current crisis but it’s a theme that has been long discussed. Professor Guy Standing addressed the issue as part of  Imagine 2027 in February 2018 and you can view the recording of his talk here.

We are inviting you to read and comment on these contributions and offer alternative or counter-views.   The Cambridge Commons does not necessarily endorse any of the views expressed or ideas proposed – our intention is to encourage new thinking and a diversity of views.


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