Cambridge City Deal: What role for social justice?

A former Guardian editor Terry Macalister has questioned whether the much debated City Deal can bring social justice, well-being and environmental benefits to the city.

Speaking in the final meeting of the ‘Our Cambridge’ series to a packed room of over 60 people, Macalister challenged us to explore the proposals through the extent of their commitment to improving social life and conditions in the city.

He said: “[The environment] is undermined by 87,000 cars coming in every day. It’s difficult to walk and cycle amid all the cars – and there are huge health problems as a result of that.

“Every government from China to Britain agreed that something dramatic had to be done, and that we’d all work towards a lower carbon and sustainable future.

“There were cities two weeks ago committing themselves to having no diesel cars outside, post 2025. We have to have a low carbon strategy, and it seems crazy that it’s not a key part of the City Deal.”

Read the report on the Cambridge News:

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