Challenge the mayoral candidates on inequality and get beyond the spin

We are hosting a conversation with mayoral candidates where you can get beyond the politician and meet the person inside.

Taking place at the Friends Meeting House in Jesus Lane on Tuesday 25 April at 6.30pm, this is your chance to raise the issues that matter to you in an informal setting and on a level.

The meeting turns the conventional ‘campaign hustings’ on its head and puts us, the voters, in charge:

· Candidates will be invited off the stage to sit with you and other voters around tables in groups.

· Instead of stump speeches, the candidates will be given 30 seconds to explain who they are and what connection they have to the region

· Voters set the agenda, not the candidates. You’ll be asked what matters to you and what change you want to see, with the candidates asked to respond
The format draws on a new approach to political discussion developed in the Netherlands called ‘G1000’.

The goal is to get away from political grandstanding and instead broker honest conversation where voters are on a level, as equal citizens.

The mayoral role is a new position in our regional politics, with influence over housing policy, transport, skills and health.

The Cambridge Commons says more needs to be done to engage voters in decision-making and to address wealth gaps in the region.

Growing gaps in pay and wealth have significant social impacts:

· Cambridge suffers from a 11-year gap in life expectancy between the richest and poorest neighbourhoods, with chronic physical and mental health on the rise.

· Cuts to social care budgets leave increasing numbers of vulnerable and elderly people unable to support themselves

· Poverty is a growing problem, with foodbank use doubling year on year and 1 in 8 households unable to afford to heat their homes

· Housing costs are pushing vital workers like nurses, teachers and social workers out of the city

We will be following up with an informal chat / debrief in the Maypole.

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