Danny Dorling: ‘Stop the stupid competition between schools to bring down inequality’

Danny Dorling made an impassioned plea for a better education system in the UK at the second in our series of visionary talks on fairness, imagine2027.

The Oxford Professor of Geography showed how inequalities in his city were fueling deep divides in outcomes for children, entrenching inequality for generations to come.

Instead he called for state schools in cities to be amalgamated into one school focused on cooperation, with high investment in specialist centres and opportunities for teachers and students to move between sites.

In an entertaining and radical talk, Dorling called for Student Loans to be abolished on the grounds they build inequality into the lives of the workers of the future. And he said that the UK focused too much on tests rather than enabling creative and problem solving skills.

He also called for new thinking on the left to define the future governance of schools, rather than relying on previous models.

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