Equality Trust publishes manifesto for equality ahead of General Election

The Equality Trust has published a Manifesto for a Fairer Society with measures to address inequality.

The manifesto covers work, tax, housing and education with some bold policies for candidates to sign up to.

You can help by sending the manifesto to your MP.

Here is some suggested wording for your email/letter:

​The UK is one of the most unequal countries in the developed world and evidence shows this leads to much worse health and social outcomes across a broad range of indicators. It also undermines trust and social cohesion and damages family and community life. 

The Equality Trust has produced a succinct​ Manifesto for a Fairer Society with policies designed to reduce inequality and thereby improve our society for the benefit of everyone. Therefore, I would like to ask if you will sign up to the following simple pledge​?

“I commit to work to reduce inequality and build an economy and society that works for the many and not the few and I believe that the Manifesto for a Fairer Society produced by The Equality Trust provides an excellent basis for realising this goal.”
​I really hope you can support the Manifesto and sign up to this pledge. ​Thank you for your time.
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