Our events 
Join our community & learn about inequality.

Our events aims to raise awareness of the harm inequality does and to create a community of interested people to address it. 

Our current events include: 

Talks: We invite speakers to explain inequality  

Meetups: We meet together and share ideas  

Steering: We plan concrete action and build our team

AGM 2018: Promoting equality in Cambridge 

11 October 7.30- 9.30pm Friends Meeting House

What can we do to promote equality in Cambridge?

Your local Equality Trust affiliate has had a busy year off the back of the hugely successful  imagine2027 series that brought national thought leaders to Cambridge to share their vision for a fairer society in ten years’ time.

We are now looking to grow our campaigns and need your help.

We will be joined by Robert Porrer, member of the Academy Council of North Cambridge Academy, actively linked with the RSA and Form the Future, a Cambridgeshire CIC working at the interface of education and employment. 

He will lead a discussion on the progression from education to employment, focusing on how we can best help disadvantaged school pupils. 

Join us to review the year and explore where we go next.

Meetups: Take part and share ideas

 First Wednesday of month, 6.30pm Cambridge Blue

We meet once a month to spend time together, share ideas and develop new projects. 

Join us at the Cambridge Blue on Gwydir Street for discussion and fun. 

This meet up is for people like you: we are all ages, sexes, nationalities and experience. We don’t just talk: we get together to plan and act! 

Come along to share your ideas for what we can do together, have fun and socialise.

Join our meetup page ‘Equality for Cambridge’

Steering: Plan action to tackle inequality

Third Weds of month, 7.30pm, ARU

We run a monthly steering meeting to plan action and develop our group. 

We aim to be open, approachable, welcoming and inclusive. 

Our steering meetings are convened by our chair based on our constitution.

We are always looking for new and committed members of the group who would like to help us grow. 

Can you help us tackle inequality in Cambridge?

This is our vision for a fairer, healthier city. Join us to make this a reality in Cambridge.