How the NHS was sold off

Mark Page, 2015 Jan 17
Addenbrooke’s is a poster-girl for nationalisation

The fundamental principles of the NHS, a health service for all free at the point of use and protected by government, have been cut off at the knees by legislation introduced by the current government.

It is so complex (an order of magnitude larger than the original post-war NHS legislation) that it was clearly not drafted by this government but has been hanging around for years.

Indeed, previous Labour governments opened up the NHS in key ways to allow this back-door privatisation to happen. Of course, the great challenge for the establishment has been to find a method for privatisation that, at every step, they could deny was privatisation.

In reality, the NHS is gone in all but brand name. It is being dismantled as we all watch.

This excellent documentary explains the true horror of what is being done to our beloved NHS. Let us hope that we can find the political will to reverse this process or, in fairly short order, there will be nothing left.

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