imagine2027 forum with Zoe Williams will ask how we move from talk to action

Join us and our guest Zoe Williams for a forum on how we turn the ideas raised through the imagine2027 series into practical action for change.

UK writer and columnist Zoe Williams – new book on parenthood ‘Bring it On Baby’ Guardian Books published July 2010.

Bring your ideas for initiatives to combat inequality. As the speaking phase of imagine2027 winds up, this is a great opportunity to meet and join with others to make a difference through collective action.

Share and discuss, and either recruit volunteers or be recruited to projects proposed (or already underway) by The Cambridge Commons, Compass, or other attendees!

imagine2027’s parent, The Cambridge Commons (local affiliate of The Equality Trust) and Compass, through its Common Platform programme running over the next 3 years, are both incubators for specific, concrete, initiatives to (i) raise awareness of inequality and (ii) reduce it and combat its effects, and will have representatives presenting their visions and opportunities.

Part of the imagine2027 series of events – see for more details, and how to get involved.

The forum will follow a talk by Zoe on how we fix our media.

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