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What’s happening to tackle inequality in Cambridge.

Tariq Sadiq: Equality must be at heart of Greater Cambridge Local Plan

The Cambridge Commons Chair Tariq Sadiq called for equality to be at the heart of the Greater Cambridge Local Plan at the February debate at the Corn Exchange. He argued for genuinely affordable housing, measures to address fuel poverty and broad community involvement. The event attracted a large audience to hear six local speakers share


This article is an edited version of a speech that Susan Buckingham gave at the launch event of True Tales for Change – A Project for a Fairer Future on 11th January 2020. Susan Buckingham is a researcher and writer on gender and environmental justice. If you knew nothing about Cambridge except the introduction from

What we learned from our storytelling workshops in Cambridge

Story teller and workshop facilitator Glenys Newton shares her reflections on a series of storytelling workshops in Cambridge as part of the ‘True Tales for Change‘ project. I have always been passionate about people’s stories and that everyone should have a chance to tell their story, whatever it may be. I am passionate about listening

2020 Vision By Tariq Sadiq

Our new Chair, Tariq Sadiq, shares his vision for TCC over the next year, into 2020. “I feel privileged to follow in the footsteps of outgoing Chair,  George Weyman, who with the Steering Committee has taken great steps to engage with the wider community and to develop exciting new Cambridge Commons initiatives, such as the

Blog – Meetup: Cambridge City Council’s Anti-poverty Strategy

As part of our regular meetups, The Cambridge Commons invites speakers to discuss their work related to inequality in Cambridge. At our most recent event, we were delighted to be joined by David Kitson and Helen Crowther talking about the City Council’s Anti-poverty Strategy including Helen’s role as Equality and Anti-poverty Officer. What are the

Blog: Conversations Project

In the TCC project Cambridge Conversations, we are aiming to understand the lived experience of inequality in Cambridge.     Inequality makes it hard for us to understand how other people from a different backgrounds experience life, particularly in Cambridge given inequality levels are so high.Our approach is to use guided conversations that build a picture of

Blog – Red Hen Project: Improving life chances in North Cambridge

By Susan Hart and Lesley Dee Where would you find baked beans and washing powder in filing cabinets? In the office of The Red Hen Project! What is The Red Hen Project? The Red Hen Project is a small local charity which, for over 20 years now, has been working with and supporting families to overcome

Blog – Keeping an eye on 2027: what are we aiming for in education?

I have been doing a lot of reading recently about inequality and education. It’s all pretty discouraging stuff: social mobility is falling; school exclusions are rising, often due to social inequalities beyond a school’s control; GSCE performance is rising slightly but there are concerns about the costs to pupils’ health. Are we teaching the pupil

Blog – Inequality and AI

At first blush, inequality and artificial intelligence (AI) don’t see to have much in common, but scratch the surface and they begin to look like twins separated at birth.  Artificial intelligence is the creation of software that can improve itself, to the point where it might enable machines to become sufficiently human-like for us to

This is our vision for a fairer, healthier city. Join us to make this a reality in Cambridge.

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