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What’s happening to tackle inequality in Cambridge.

Blog – Big Tent Ideas Festival

The “Big Tent Ideas Festival” Babraham, Cambs, 8 September 2018.   Some thoughts the “Big Tent” event attended recently by TCC Member Kimon Roussopoulos.   The event was co-chaired by George Freeman MP (Con, briefly was Life Sciences minister) and (Baroness) Sally Morgan, sometime Blair advisor in Number 10 and other capacities.  It was the

Cambridge Ahead makes case for investment in infrastructure and housing

The region’s planners have badly underestimated employment growth in the Cambridge area with drastic consequences for housing, congestion and living standards, according to research commissioned by lobby group Cambridge Ahead. South Cambridgeshire has been particularly hard hit, the research suggests, with planners working on a 0.6% growth assumption compared to a more realistic 4.2%.  As

Cambridge Commons invited to submit response to regional economic review

The Cambridge Commons has been invited to submit evidence to a major commission on the regional economy. The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Independent Economic Review (CPIER) has been set up to establish a coherent strategic position on regional growth, infrastructure and devolution. The interim report argued for steps to make the regional economy more inclusive, a

imagine2027 forum with Zoe Williams will ask how we move from talk to action

Join us and our guest Zoe Williams for a forum on how we turn the ideas raised through the imagine2027 series into practical action for change. Bring your ideas for initiatives to combat inequality. As the speaking phase of imagine2027 winds up, this is a great opportunity to meet and join with others to make

For The Common Good: Tackling Inequality In Cambridge

On the 19th July this year the Steering Committee of The Cambridge Commons suspended its usual monthly agenda to conduct a critical self-assessment. It was three years almost to the day since a handful of us, disturbed by the substantial incidence of poverty in such a prosperous city, and partly inspired by The Spirit Level,

McStrike workers’ mission will benefit us all

As people of Cambridge, we should applaud the McDonald’s workers in Newmarket Road. The first staff at the firm to strike in UK history, they are leading the way on behalf of millions of workers across the country on zero hours contracts and low wages. But they are also leading the way for all the rest

Plans to close children’s centres shows we are not ‘serious about tackling inequality’ – Zeichner

The proposed closure of four Cambridge children’s centres shows we are not serious about tackling inequality and improving family health, according to local MP Daniel Zeichner. The MP was responding to proposals outlined in a consultation currently available to the public. Those who came to our April Saturday morning Our Cambridge meeting with Pat Mackenzie heard about her Kings

The Cambridge Commons in 2018: Our plans for mobilising local people against inequality

We recently met as a steering group of The Cambridge Commons to explore our strengths, weaknesses, and areas of focus.  This was a rare chance to think beyond our active projects, like the nationally significant work we’re doing on imagine2027. We agreed a working assumption that our name (‘The Cambridge Commons’) and core mission (‘We raise awareness of harmful inequalities in Cambridge

This is our vision for a fairer, healthier city. Join us to make this a reality in Cambridge.

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