Let’s Take Back Our NHS

Mark Page, 2015 Jan 31
Our NHS is envied the world over for a good reason
Our NHS is envied the world over for a good reason

In a previous article, we looked at how the NHS was, in all but brand name, effectively de-nationalised by the British government in 2010: How the NHS was Sold Off.

The NHS is an extraordinarily successful organisation. It is famous the world over as the poster-girl for nationalised public services and is envied by most democratic governments and public health services.

For that reason alone, the private sector (international pirates beyond the control of any nation state) have been desperate to slap a general tariff on the NHS called “profit”. Under Tory, Labour and coalition ploterati from Thatcher to the present they have been getting their way.

The insidious creeping technique is designed to avoid the public objections we saw when the rest of our once-national assets went for a song to the super-rich. In his book, Oliver Letwin (old Etonian,  Cantabridgian and self-proclaimed “radical Thatcherite”) helpfully explains the general method of dismantlement. It begins with cash starvation to weaken the institution followed by blaming its public ownership as the problem.

This technique has had a makeover for the 21st century for use on the NHS and the pirates are still working it over as I write. We must act now to head them off at the pass. The “NHS Bill 2015” campaign is asking General Election candidates to sign up to a new “NHS Reinstatement Bill”. Already cross-party support is building.

Tell your MP what you think: http://www.nhsbill2015.org/.

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