Loony rightie, Arnott, frets over “weasel” Greens

Mark Page, 2015 Jan 24

jonathan_arnottCouldn’t help but chuckle as fruit cake Jonathan Arnott, UKIP MEP for the North East of England, explains that the Green Party speaks “weasel words about democracy”. I must admit I have never considered this possibility: an Orwellian state of green totalitarians. Nice one Jono – keep taking the pills!

“Personally I’d like the Greens to be held up to greater scrutiny in some way; nobody seems to ever bother to look at their policies or what they stand for. The idea that ‘they have the word Green in their name, so they must be nice’ just won’t cut it. For all their weasel words about democracy, look at these policies from their website:

“‘MG201 We believe that the world’s people have an individual and collective responsibility to ensure ecological sustainability, human rights and social justice. Within this, they have the right to self-determination.

“So they believe in the right to self-determination, to democracy, to be allowed to govern ourselves – provided we subscribe to the Green Party’s definitions of ‘ecological sustainability’, ‘human rights’ and ‘social justice’.”

Jonathan Arnott


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