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Raising awareness of harmful inequality in Cambridge

We are a collective of local volunteers motivated to do something positive about inequality and its impacts.

We exist to raise awareness of the harmful impact of inequality, so that local people can take action to address it. We take inspiration from The Spirit Level and are the local affiliate of The Equality Trust.

There are many groups in Cambridge doing extraordinary work on the frontline tackling poverty, hunger, housing issues and the environment. We campaign and research across these areas because we believe there are structural issues underlying the very significant problems we face.

There is conclusive evidence on a large range of criteria – e.g., physical and mental health, standards of education, incidence of crime and violence, family stability – greater inequality has adverse effects across the whole of society. Further, inequality does substantial harm to the economy, as the OECD has demonstrated. 

We stand for a public realm of common citizenship in place of divvying up public services and institutions between private owners. We believe that fairness and a spirit of co-operation between self-confident citizens is the way forward for our society.

Among our priorities are to: 

  • make local people aware of the poverty that exists in and around Cambridge and to bring people together to campaign for the living wage; against the precarious low wage economy; and to end the punitive benefits system which is causing hunger and misery to thousands of residents.
  • campaign for a more equal society and against the rising tide of inequality here and in the country as a whole.
  • To draw attention to the absurd cruelty of a housing market that prevents ordinary citizens here from buying or securely renting their own homes, unless their circumstances are so desperate that they qualify for social housing.

Steering Group

 We have a steering group of up to 15 members who oversee the work of The Cambridge Commons. Our current steering members are:


  • Tariq Sadiq, Chair
  • Catherine Squire 
  •  Peter Zipp
  • Rich Allen, Secretary
  • George Weyman

Get involved

There are many ways to get involved. Membership of Cambridge Commons is free and open to all.
We host steering meetings to coordinate our work monthly with a number of events across the city in addition to project meetings for specific work. 
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