Our Cambridge: Cafe-style discussion group of Cambridge issues

George Weyman, 2017 Feb 05
Inequality results in poorer Cambridge residents losing a decade of life
Inequality results in poorer Cambridge residents losing a decade of life

Our Cambridge – 2017 Programme
Second Saturday of each month: 11 March, 8 April, 13 May, 10 June, 8 July
10.45am (for 11.00am start) – 12.00pm
Lower Hall, St Andrew’s Baptist Church 
(behind LivingStones Cafe), 43 St Andrew’s St, Cambridge CB2 3AR.   See Map.

Our programme of café-style discussion groups on Saturday mornings is back.

The discussion groups are for Cambridge people to come together and openly discuss life & community in our city.

Each month we invite a speaker to introduce a local topic for discussion. We want discussions to cover the whole spectrum of issues that affect us all – including community, work, politics, health, economics, life style and culture.

It there is something that you would like to discuss at future group meetings, please let us know.

  • Saturday March 11 – Community: Radical Community Building with Peter Pope – founder of CamLETS
  • Saturday April 8 – Family:  The Kings Hedges Family Support Project: supporting families for 23 years – with Pat Mackenzie – hands-on Trustee with Social Work background
  • Saturday May 13 – Education: Early Years education and language development – with Karen Martin, Head of the Grove School
  • Saturday June 10  – Mental Health: The Hidden Crisis with Jeannette Harding, wide ranging experience and recipient of a unique award by our Mental Health Trust.
  • Saturday July 8 – Housing: Affordable Housing in Cambridge with Surjit Dhande from Cambridge Housing Society

Previously in ‘Our Cambridge’ 

  • 2016 Sep 3 – Health: Unequal Health: Differing Life Chances Across the City with Stuart Weir author of author of The Cambridge Health Gap
  • 2016 Oct 1 – Community: Community Life: Taking Control of our Lives with Dr Henry Tam specialist in community development
  • 2016 Nov 5 – Transport: Public Transport: Just Imagine – Bus Services that Work for Us All with Simon Norton, Cambridgeshire Campaign for Better Transport
  • 2016 Dec 3 – Food: Dealing with Hunger in Cambridge with Susan O’Brien, Cambridge City Foodbank
  • 2017 Jan 7 – City Plan: City Deal: Let’s Get Supersizing Cambridge Right with former Guardian writer Terry Macalister


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