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Cambridge can do better: Help us make our city fairer 

Cambridge is the most unequal city in the UK. 

Covid 19 has highlighted the harsh disparities that exist between the most affluent and the most deprived in our city.

So what is being done? Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire District Council are drawing up a joint Local Plan for the Greater Cambridge area up to 2040. 

But what will this Plan mean for inequality, fairness and the environment? Will it reduce the gap between rich and poor? 

Can we create sustainable, low-carbon communities with enough affordable housing? Can we create fairness and well-being for all?

Join the debate

This is our Local Plan and it should be transparent and open.

We are inviting local people to join the debate. Now is the time for radical and fresh thinking. 

Covid 19 has shown that we need to do much more to pull together and create well-being for all.

To get us started we have published three reports:

Do you agree that we need to limit growth or must we expand the city to meet the increasing demand for more hi-tech industry?

Fighting inequalities in Cambridge

We need a much more radical vision for change. This is the breakthrough observation of the founders of The Equality Trust. It pays for all of us to make a change.

Cambridge is a known international centre of excellence in many areas of research and innovation. But we are not putting this excellence to use in building the social fabric of our city.

At The Cambridge Commons, we believe we must tackle these social and economic inequalities as our overriding priority. Only then can we address the harmful impacts on health, well-being, trust, homelessness, hunger, the environment and education.

We want to reverse the trend that has seen Cambridge bottom of the inequality table for the UK so we can be a beacon of fairness, trust, well-being and inclusion. 

This is our vision for a fairer, healthier city. Join us to make this a reality in Cambridge.

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