Our projects 
What we’re doing to challenge inequality.

Our work aims to raise awareness of the harm inequality does in our lives so that local people can take action to address it. We do that through campaigning, debate and research. 

Our current projects include: 

imagine 2027: What’s your vision for a fairer Britain?

Climate Commission: Make Cambridge carbon neutral

Cambridge Conversations: Breaking down barriers through listening


imagine2027: What’s your vision for a fairer Britain?

We are bringing the leading thinkers on inequality to Cambridge to give personal and upbeat views of how Britain can be fairer in ten years from now.

Speakers in the series include George Monbiot, Sir Michael Marmot, Faiza Shaheen, Ava Vidal, David Willetts, Danny Dorling, Kate Standing, and Hermann Hauser. 

Our goal is to make more egalitarian policies and approaches seem not only politically viable, but actually attractive.  

In autumn 2018, we’ll publish a Compendium based on the talks, setting out a coherent, holistic vision of the fairer future within our reach. We’ll then hold a National Convention on how to make this vision a reality.

Visit imagine2027 to book your place and get involved. 

Climate Commission: Help make Cambridge Carbon Neutral

We are working to establish a Climate Commission for Cambridge to advise on steps we can take locally to address climate change and improve our environment.

Modelled on a similar venture in Leeds, the commission will advise the council, businesses and local people on what steps we need to take to become carbon neutral.

It will monitor progress towards meeting the city’s carbon reduction targets and recommend actions to keep the city on the right paty. 

We also want to highlight the ways in which the environment is an inequality issue impacting the poorest most. 

Cambridge Conversations: Breaking down barriers through listening

We are developing a new project to understand the lived experience of inequality in Cambridge.

Our approach is to use guided conversations that build a picture of someone’s life, the stresses within it and how inequality may have played a part. We also want to open up about our own experiences.

Inequality makes it hard for us to understand how other people from a different background experience life, particularly in Cambridge given inequality levels are so high.

Our new project aims to tackle this by:

  • Giving volunteers opportunities to meet and share experiences with other people across divides
  • Building a picture of how people from different backgrounds experience life
  • Encouraging local people to say what they think could make Cambridge a fairer place.

We have developed some guidelines for these conversations which we now aim to trial at a local community group.

This is our vision for a fairer, healthier city. Join us to make this a reality in Cambridge.