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What we’re doing to challenge inequality.

Our work aims to raise awareness of the harm inequality does in our lives so that local people can take action to address it. We do that through campaigning, debate and research. 

Our current projects include: 

Education: Raising awareness of the harm inequality does 

Pay & Wealth: Promoting fairer pay ratios in our city 

Community: Breaking down barriers through conversation

Community: True Tales for Change — A Project for a Fairer Future

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In collaboration with Pivotal, we commissioned five local artists and a singer-songwriter to create works inspired by conversations with Cambridge people who have experienced inequality. The launch event on 11th January 2020 featured:

Original song by singer-songwriter Victoria Jones

A talk by Susan Buckingham, researcher and writer on gender and environmental justice

Open Mic Storytelling with stories from accompanying storytelling workshops, led by Cambridge Bard Glenys Newton and artist Jill Eastland

The short film ‘A Choice to Look‘ (by Joe Cook & Abdullah Shah)

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Education: Help raise awareness of harm inequality does

We are developing a number of tools to help raise awareness of the damage inequality does in our city and our lives.

The work builds from the imagine2027 series that brought national thought leaders to Cambridge to share their vision for a fairer society in ten years’ time.

Through the project we aim to develop:

  1. a package of learning materials, including a game and lesson plan, to be used in schools
  2. modules for adult education to explain how government policy affects our lives
  3. a video animation drawing together the themes raised in the imagine2027 series to be shared online
  4. a compendium of the series content

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Pay & Wealth: Promoting fairer pay ratios in our city

We are setting out to get Cambridge off the bottom of the inequality league table of Britain. 

Many people in the city care about reducing inequality because they see the harm it does, but we lack practical ways to make a difference.  

Building on the work of The Equality Trust, our goal is to create community action that addresses the root causes of inequality head on.

Ideas we are exploring include a crowdfunded inequality fund and a campaign for fairer pay ratios targeting local employers. Read the feasibility report by students on the Cambridge Hub Social Innovation Programme.

We need your help to scope the potential for these ideas. 

Community: Breaking down barriers in conversation

We are developing a project to understand the lived experience of inequality in Cambridge.

Our approach is to use guided conversations that build a picture of someone’s life, the stresses within it and how inequality may have played a part. We also want to open up about our own experiences.

Inequality makes it hard for us to understand how other people from a different background experience life, particularly in Cambridge given inequality levels are so high.

We have developed some guidelines for these conversations which we are now testing with local community groups.

You can help build a new conversation in Cambridge. 

Research: Understanding impact of inequality

We are developing a community of contributors to help us understand the impact of inequality in Cambridge and what we can do about it.

Building on our bank of reports covering topics from health and social care to hunger, we are creating a group of volunteer researchers. 

We aim to produce regular insight and analysis on local inequality to guide our campaigns and shape the policy agenda, covering schools, mental health and housing.

Current topics focus on an analysis of challenges experienced by nurses living in Cambridge and an analysis of Cambridge city plans through an inequality lens

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Transport & Environment: Living well in Cambridge

We are developing a range of responses to the local transport and planning agenda.

Our goal is to make Cambridge a healthy, carbon-neutral city accessible to all its citizens. 

Projects we are supporting include a Climate Commission for Cambridge and a Car Free Day to promote community, public transport and healthy living.

We are also campaigning for transformed public transport based on social need rather than profit that truly empowers local people to move about and cuts back on polluting congestion. 

Can you contribute to our transport & environment campaigns? 

Past project imagine2027: What’s your vision for a fairer Britain?

In 2017 and 2018 we brought the leading thinkers on inequality to Cambridge to give personal and upbeat views of how Britain can be fairer in ten years from now.

The series was called ‘imagine2027‘.

Speakers in the series included George Monbiot, Sir Michael Marmot, Faiza Shaheen, Ava Vidal, David Willetts, Danny Dorling, Kate Standing, and Hermann Hauser. 

Our goal was to make more egalitarian policies and approaches seem not only politically viable, but actually attractive.  

All of the talks were recorded and are posted on the imagine2027 website.

Visit imagine2027 to watch the talks. 

This is our vision for a fairer, healthier city. Join us to make this a reality in Cambridge.

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