Promoting equality in Cambridge: our AGM with Robert Porrer

It’s been a significant year in the life of The Cambridge Commons and our AGM this past Thursday was an opportunity to take stock.

In just 12 months we have:

  • run 17 events in the imagine2027 series with 3,000+ seat reservations
  • built a mailing list of 1,300+ supporters of greater equality
  • run a forum for project pitches, with 50+ people voting on 15 pitches
  • built a new website and brand, greatly improving impact and navigation to our core themes
  • attracted 100+ volunteers to our cause
  • created a regular monthly meetup with 90+ sign ups

Here’s the story of our year in slides The Cambridge Commons AGM 2018 – Promoting Equality in Cambridge – 20181011.

You can also download my AGM presentation.

As part of this we recognised some of the areas we need to grow. There are a bunch of things we could be doing more of or doing better – for example creating better ways for volunteers to get involved, building a social media presence and campaigning more consistently.

We also used the event to touch base with the leaders of each of the project areas we are working on, including:

  • Cambridge Conversations – Annuscha Wassmann described our work charting the lived experience of inequality. Next meeting is on 16th October 7:00-8:40pm. Contact <contact[at]> for details.
  • Research – Clare Preston explained our need for an individual who is experienced in academic interviews to complete a series of interviews at Addenbrookes for Unison to tie up their primary research task. This is the current priority but other areas to get involved in.
  • Digital campaigning – Ben Szreter described how we are growing a group to keep website content regular and relevant, seeking blog posts of 300/400 words by members who want to share their passion, current progress of project or view of the future whilst within the wider goal of The Cambridge Commons.
  • Creating Educational Commons – Adrian French talked about a long term goal of general research and solution building to counter institutional lock in of current education system. Currently feeding ideas into Educational Tool led by Daniel Davidson.
  • Teaching Resources – Daniel Davidson described his project to develop a tool for teachers to educate and involve 11-14 year olds in the discussion of Inequality for use in the classroom, using work from imagine2027 series.
  • Car Free Cambridge – We are also working to create a car free day in Cambridge, with this likely being in 2020.

As part of the AGM, we ran nominations and votes for the group’s officers. These are:

  1. Chair – George Weyman
  2. Secretary – Lurdes Duarte
  3. Vice-chair – Daniel Davidson
  4. Treasurer – Kimon Roussopoulos

We also heard from Robert Porrer, an active member of the RSA, governor at the North Cambridge Academy and advisory board member for Form the Future, a social enterprise advising on educational reform. He spoke passionately about the way in which the North Cambridge Academy is working to create holistic educational experiences that build confidence and leadership skills in young people, as part of a set of solutions for reducing educational inequalities in our city.

If you can contribute in any of these areas, please do get in touch and get involved!

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