Talkin Bout our Generation: Cambridge Commons to convene assembly for Millennials


People try to put us down, just because we get around.

So sang The Who in 1965.

What would be the Millennials’ version?

With Brexit, a housing crisis and rising inequality, Millenials in Cambridge face an uncertain future.

Join us on at 2pm on Saturday 4 March to for an afternoon assembly to spell out what our generation of young people wants.

Designed by young people for young people aged 16 to 25, the assembly asks simply what needs sorting?

Work opportunities? University fees? Affordable homes? Low wages? Protecting the environment? Apprenticeships? Personal relationships? Being creative? Feminism? Racism? LGBT rights? Our power to change things? Mental health? Local buses? Dirty air?

What would you do to make Cambridge – and Britain – a better place to live?

We promise: no panel debates, no Question Time, no lectures and no rambling. Instead it’ll be an afternoon full of what we do best – chat, debate, think, meet and drink tea! (Cake may also be involved.) So show up and bring your ideas!

The assembly runs on Saturday 4 March, Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane, 2 pm to 6pm. Entry is free.

Sign up at & get a piece of the action.

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