TCC Hustings – 16th April 2015

Stuart Weir, 2015 Jan 19
Get *your* questions answered

The Cambridge Commons Hustings
16th April 2015, 7.30pm – 10.00pm
Friends Meeting House
12 Jesus Lane
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Do you know how you will vote in May? Do you know what the individual party candidates stand for? This is an opportunity to interrogate candidates on their principles and strategies for reducing inequality in Britain. We will publish the candidates’ replies on this critical issue.

The hustings will focus on party policies around:

  • inequality
  • low pay and income differentials
  • benefits policy
  • austerity measures
  • protection of basic NHS principles and practice

Unfortunately for practical reasons we can only manage to invite political candidates for Cambridge.

If these are issues that concern you, please come along. Although you can just come along on the evening, it would be much appreciated if you would take the time to let us know you intend to come by sending a quick message here.

So far we have invited Labour, Lib Dem and Green candidates only.  This is because they are the parties we think are most likely to adopt progressive, egalitarian policies. If you would like to interrogate the candidates from the Conservatives or UKIP then you can tell us so here.

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