TCC Report – Fairness Review, Coming Soon

Stuart Weir, 2015 Jan 19
Housing in England is in a desperate state – including Cambridge

We are preparing a Fairness Review of Cambridge to complement Cambridge City Council’s anti-poverty strategy. A small team has written a first draft which is now being revised.

The review rejects the common assumption that Cambridge is both economically and socially successful. It argues that there are at least two Cambridges – identifying rich areas in the south and pockets of deprivation in the north and east.

The review takes a hard look at Cambridge City Council’s capacity to deal with poverty given the nature of government policies and its limited resources and powers. It also considers the capacity of Cambridgeshire County Council to implement its strategy on child poverty.

The spread of employers paying the living wage has been investigated.

In particular the housing situation in Cambridge is analysed; the majority of residents who do not already own or rent a home have no chance of being able to buy or even rent given house prices and rent levels.

Carrying out the review is not an exclusive process. We welcome contributions from our members or anyone else with concerns about inequality Cambridge.

When finalised, the document will be made available on this website.

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