The Cambridge Commons in 2018: Our plans for mobilising local people against inequality

We recently met as a steering group of The Cambridge Commons to explore our strengthsweaknesses, and areas of focus.  This was a rare chance to think beyond our active projects, like the nationally significant work we’re doing on imagine2027.

We agreed a working assumption that our name (‘The Cambridge Commons’) and core mission (‘We raise awareness of harmful inequalities in Cambridge so that local people can mobilise to take action for change.’) are right for now.  So the goal of the meeting was rather to look at how we go about pursuing that mission.

Here is a summary of our discussions:

Key Audiences for The Cambridge Commons
1.     Influencers: Local Government
2.     Local Public: Cambridge News Readers
3.     Disadvantaged Communities and their support services

Our Strengths

1.     Critical thought / Analytical skills
2.     Independence
3.     Passion
4.     Journalistic / writing skills
5.     Our network

Our Weaknesses

1.     Diversity / Reaching out beyond our core
2.     Marketing communications
3.     Financial capacity (ie. growing general funds)
4.     Volunteer base
5.     Lack of measures of success

Key Campaigns

…to be pursued or explored

1.     imagine2027
2.     Civic vision for Cambridge
3.     Draft proposal to mayor James Palmer
4.     Cambridge Listening Project (potentially to feed into
Imagine2027 podcast series)
5.     Our Cambridge meetings

Critical Back Office Work

…to support our campaigns and our sustainability

1.     Revamp website and marketing communications
2.     Widen and diversify volunteer base
3.     Strengthen finances
4.     Set some key measures of success

We’re looking forward to getting cracking on this with your help in the coming months. We believe passionately that through small acts we can challenge inequality and increase well being throughout Cambridge.

To get involved please contact us at

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