The Cambridge Commons Open Evening, May 2015

Stuart Weir, 2015 May 06
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The Cambridge Commons Open Evening
28th May 2015, 7.30pm – 10.00pm
Friends Meeting House
12 Jesus Lane
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This is an invitation to members and non-members to an open meeting for discussion of our future aims. It is not crucial that you tell us you will attend in advance, but it is always useful to know.

We will consider how best to establish Cambridge Commons as a non-party network, or “hub” organisation, bringing together activists, local associations and pressure groups, social sector professionals, and local members of national organisations such as Unlock Democracy, Compass, and the Fabian Society.

The Cambridge Commons is already affiliated to the Cambridge Peoples Assembly and the national Equality Trust. We have invited local members of Compass, the Fabian Society and Unlock Democracy to come and work out what we can achieve as an informal network. We believe that we can create a powerful alliance which will be influential in local politics.

First, we would like to discuss future events, demos or meetings that will or could be taken on after the summer. These could be events that one or other group organises, or joint events. Secondly, what sort of deal is possible? Something like this? Local groups or local members of national organisations could organise events or meetings under their own names and they will be supported across the network, thus widening their potential audience. Also, acting collectively, the network may sponsor meetings, events or demonstrations on its own initiative, or on behalf of a group, and once again the network would give support.

If you would like to attend you can just come on the night – but it is helpful if you let us know.

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