Three answers on inequality we need from all candidates in Cambridge Local Elections

The election on Thursday 6th May is a really important moment for Cambridge and the region.

Not only will there be elections for councillors in all 14 wards of the city and 12 county divisional areas, there will also be an election for the regional Police and Crime Commissioner and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority Mayor.

Cambridge is the most unequal city in the UK in a very unequal region – many people are concerned about the impact of that on our communities. As we’ve seen during the past year, inequality is harmful for all our health and well-being because it undermines our economic resilience, damages trust and contributes to stress and social anxiety.  Covid has shown how this impacts all of us – not just those experiencing poverty. But what are the candidates doing to address it?

We’ve asked our speakers and members about the answers they want from candidates on inequality. These are the questions they are seeking answers to:

1) What will your party be doing to make decent housing affordable for the 50% of people whose earnings are at or below the median wage in Cambridge?

2) What practical steps will your party take to ensure people no longer have to rely on food banks / foodhubs?

3) Given the clear evidence that Covid 19 has much greater impacts on those who face the greatest social inequalities, please could you set out what specific plans or proposals you have that will both mitigate the effects of what has happened and will help prevent such unfair impacts in the future.

If you are concerned about inequality ask candidates one or more of these questions and share the answers you get on Twitter and Facebook

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