Our vision 
Cambridge can do better: A radical vision for change.

Cambridge is considered a national success story. 

Economists hail its mix of research, investment and entrepreneurship. It is growing faster than other UK cities and doing better than anywhere at innovation. 

This ‘Cambridge phenomenon’ has brought sustained economic growth, wealth and employment to the city.

But that success has been unevenly shared: Cambridge has been dubbed the most unequal city in Britain”.

Our wards of Castle, Newnham and Queen Edith’s host neighbourhoods among the 20 percent least deprived areas in the country. Yet two neighbourhoods in King’s Hedges are among the 20 percent most deprived.

For the past four years, our research has been documenting the impact of this in all our lives. We found a crisis in housing, a widening health gap, growing use of food banks, and the elderly more isolated amid cuts to social care. Congestion pollutes our air.

This is what growing inequality looks like.

This situation doesn’t just affect the poorest. It affects all of us.

This is the breakthrough observation of the founders of The Equality Trust. It pays for all of us to make a change.

Fighting inequalities in Cambridge

We need a much more radical vision for change.

Cambridge is a known international centre of excellence in many areas of research and innovation. But we are not putting this excellence to use in building the social fabric of our city.

At The Cambridge Commons, we believe we must tackle these social and economic inequalities as our overriding priority. Only then can we address the harmful impacts on health, well-being, trust, homelessness, hunger, the environment and education.

We want to reverse the trend that has seen Cambridge bottom of the inequality table for the UK so we can be a beacon of fairness, trust, well-being and inclusion. 

As inequality rises in our community, health and well-being decline for all.

Our vision for change

Fair Pay

  • Employers pay the Living Wage
  • Our council’s pay ratio is lowest in the UK
  • Council contracts go to low pay ratio firms

Fair Policies

  • We measure how policy impacts inequality
  • Inequality tzar drives wealth gap reduction
  • Food and fuel poverty are erased

Fair Work

  • Workers sit on company boards
  • We lead the UK for co-ops and mutuals
  • Secure contracts have replaced zero hours

Fair Housing

  • New builds include 40% low-cost housing
  • Progressive property tax is introduced
  • Social housing decline is reversed

Fair Chances

  • Health gap is lowest in Europe
  • Elderly and vulnerable get care when in need
  • World class education for all with no selection

Fair Environment

  • We are zero carbon by 2035
  • Public transport innovation tackles car congestion
  • Green and public spaces are revitalised

This is our vision for a fairer, healthier city. Join us to make this a reality in Cambridge.

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