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Stuart Weir, 2015 Jan 01
Let’s fight for social and economic justice in Cambridge!

The Cambridge Commons is an organisation for progressive-minded people in and around Cambridge. We are a hub organisation for members of national groups with shared interests in promoting social justice and reducing inequalities. Our aim is to bring them together to create and co-ordinate a real political and social force in the area.

We have three priorities.

  • Awareness raising
    We inform local people of the poverty that exists in and around Cambridge.
    We bring people together to campaign for a living wage that protects the lowest paid in a precarious low wage economy.
    We call for an end to a punitive benefits system which brings hunger and misery for thousands of residents.
  • Campaigning
    We campaign for a more equal society and against a rising tide of inequality both here and in the country as a whole.
  • Exposing unfairness
    We draw attention to the absurd cruelty of a housing market that prevents ordinary citizens here from buying, or even renting, their own homes unless their circumstances are sufficiently desperate to qualify for social housing.

Challenging inequality

There is conclusive evidence that on a large range of criteria – e.g., physical and mental health, standards of education, incidents of crime and violence, family stability – greater inequality has adverse effects across the whole of society. Further, inequality even does substantial harm to the economy, as the OECD has demonstrated.

We have and will share a positive belief in a collective response to this country’s difficulties in place of the neo-liberal economic and anti-state policies that are now supreme. We stand for a public realm of common citizenship in place of divvying up public services and institutions between private owners. We believe that fairness and a spirit of co-operation between self-confident citizens is the way forward for our society.

Current activities

We are preparing a Fairness Review of Cambridge to complement the City Council’s anti-poverty programme.

We plan a major conference, inspired by Magna Carta, on the gulf between rulers and ruled in this country and the need for root-and-branch democratic reform.

We are organising an election hustings on 16 April focusing on what options are on offer to progressive voters.

Your support

Help us turn the tide. The first and best thing you can do is to register with us as a member: Register with The Cambridge Commons; we are also in need of hands-on volunteers for administrative roles and for helping out at events.

Please also donate if you can afford it. We are grateful for any amount you feel you can give us: Donate to the Cambridge Commons.

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