Zero Carbon Cambridge vision wins funding from influential trust

We are delighted to have won a grant from the Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust to promote the vision of a zero-carbon Cambridge.

The idea is to bring together a coalition of local civil society organisations to promote and realise a popular campaign, ‘Cambridge can do Better’, to make the City and its surrounds a zero-carbon area by 2030, with particular measures to deal with congestion and NO2 and particulate emissions.

The Stagecoach route B bus in Cambridge – by Chris Sampson on Flickr 

This will in effect be a long-term action-research campaign project investigating and covering technological advances, the balance of powers and resources between central government, the nascent devolved regional authority and the three local authorities (the County Council, the City of Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire), and contradictory public attitudes.

Cambridge is an iconic city. Its pioneering pursuit of a carbon-free status, either as a civil society or formal local authority policy, will contribute nationally to greater understanding and action on global warming and local initiatives to free our cities from pollution by traffic.

We are confident that civil society in the city and the university have between them the capacity to research and develop carbon free and anti-pollution strategies.

Join us on 6 September at 7.30pm in Live and Let Live on Mawson Road to see how you could take part.

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